Hello, reader.

You’re probably wondering who I am or what it is I do or write about. Well, this post is to answer those questions, as well as to introduce myself to you readers regarding other aspects of my life.

I am a 19 year old Indian college student, currently pursuing Bachelor of Commerce, year 2. For the sake of privacy, I will not mention where I study and live. Regarding my institution that I am a part of, I can only say that I study in one of India’s most reputed colleges. You are free to guess which.

From my childhood to the younger and later teenage years, various hobbies of mine have changed. As a kid, I used to love drawing, but not anymore as a teenager. When I was around 12 years old, I wanted to learn calligraphy but that soon faded away after a year or so. But what remained was my love for writing. Being an introverted person, writing was, and still is one of my most loved form of solace and putting forward feelings and emotions.

While in school and under a lot of academic pressure, I had to give up writing temporarily so that I could focus on studies. It was difficult to let go of it for a while, but after a period of time, I got used to it. Once in college, I found more time to invest in hobbies and other activities. Little did I know, this hobby turned into something I want to make a career out of.

I was once in a seminar hosted by our college and conducted by Varun Agarwal in 2015. Someone from the audience asked him, “What is the best career option?” His reply was simple and straightforward yet strong and motivating. He said, “Whatever it is you love doing.” Movies like 3 Idiots also strive to put forward the same thought, that one should do whatever they love and not what they are asked to. Sachin Tendulkar was known to have failed his 10th standard board examinations. Just imagine what would happen if he continued studying instead of going into cricket. What if Michael Jackson was asked to work a regular job instead of becoming the King of Pop? Maybe their lives wouldn’t be as miserable as one would imagine, but the world would be robbed of their talents had they chosen the regular path.

Varun Agarwal: Entrepreneur, author and filmmaker

Yes, it is risky, but my belief is that life is too short to play it safe. My friends whose parents are businessmen or women have always said that risks should be taken at a young age when various opportunities present itself and always have something to fall back on if anything goes wrong or doesn’t work out.

Therefore, I’ve started this blog as a small venture and I hope to grow and expand it in the future as the opportunities come one by one.