It is often said, “Don’t let the child inside you die”. For months, I’ve always wondered what it means until one day, someone helped me figure it out. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out; it only needs a deep and proper thought channelled in the right direction.

Children are innocent beings. From the moment they are birthed, they are greeted with cries, smiles, tears of joy and blessings. In return, the baby laughs or cries; everyone hopes it’s the former. Even if a baby cries, no one minds. Everyone finds a baby’s crying cute, don’t they?

Look at how two children aged five solve out problems. They scream and cry, fist-fight and then hug it out. Now, check out a fight between two teenagers. They verbally abuse each other, land a few punches and kicks and finally hug it out. Observe how to adults aged thirty solve out problems. In the general sense, it’s almost the same way teenagers fight, with the addition of a few classier and more creative insults. Finally, observe how many middle aged and old people resolve everything. They fight wars. Thousands of, millions of people suffer and die just so that a point can be proved.

The world would be a much better place if adults behaved like children. Of course, maturity comes with age and is important for our lives and the universe to function, but if people looked at everything through the eyes of a little child, there would be peace. Politicians of two enemy countries don’t need to fight wars; all they need are crying and fist-fighting in the form of debates and diplomatic talks. Once again, it doesn’t take a genius to figure how peaceful the world would be if the system ran that way.

Little children are not worried about the future. They live, thrive and revel in the present, running about everywhere without a care in the world. They learn from mistakes they make on a daily basis. As adults, it is natural for us to worry about our future. College students tend to worry about their future careers, working people about balancing professional and personal lives among many others and parents about their children and their growth. I’m no expert on life and death, but from my experience, I feel it’s better to take it one day at a time towards a proper goal instead of cramming a lot of work in a short span of time. A tiny amount of worry is helpful as it pushes and motivates us to work, but too much worry never helps.

There is too much discrimination that goes on, even in the modern world where people are supposedly logically advanced. Yet, we see lighter skinned people making fun of darker skinned people, people from the middle and higher classes discriminating against the lower. Discrimination comes in various ways. While growing up, we see discrimination for ourselves, thinking nothing wrong with it. A child, however, doesn’t know how to discriminate. A 2-year-old baby will allow anyone to carry him or her, not knowing whether the person is an aunt or a domestic help the house owners have employed. In the same way, a child doesn’t discriminate between a celebrity and a normal human being. Of course, the toddler doesn’t understand the difference, but the world could be a much better place if people and the media could stop highlighting everything about celebrities. If one day, Shah Rukh Khan is seen taking a walk down the street, everyone would go crazy, except the little children. They don’t differentiate and discriminate between normal humans and stars. After all, stars too are people, just like us.

Children are known to be very creative. They make the most terrible yet sweetest drawings and write the silliest yet cutest sentences. As we grow up, our drawing and writing skills are sharpened but the creativity that we once possessed, that inner child, gets lost. We get so busy pursuing a career and losing ourselves in it that we tend to lose touch with what we once used to be. It is good to be serious about a goal, but wouldn’t everything be monotonous if our goal is all we cared about? Life is too short to focus and devote all our energy to something that will die with us once we’re no more. Along with a goal, we should also take the time out to spend on “kiddish” stuff.

In a world filled with constant threats of war, terrorism, discrimination and various other issues, it is better to be like a child who wants nothing but love, toys and to be around ones it loves the most.