Clash of clans, as you might know, is one of the top rated games in the strategy category. It involves building and maintaining a village of defensive, army and various other buildings over a span of 11 town hall levels.

A fair amount of time has to be invested into the game to be successful. But, several players of the game have elevated the said success to a whole different level, turning the game into a business. Such professionals have started YouTube channels to make videos to guide the amateurs of the game. Not only have they been fruitful in their mission, their channels have been major hits as well. (Read: 10 Best ‘Clash Of Clans’ YouTubers)

Don’t get me wrong, Clash of Clans is a brilliant game. It has been the source of joy at many a party and catalyst of several friendships, let alone the fact that the game helps in strategising and allocation of resources. But, there were a few factors which were responsible for me quitting the game once and for all.

I started playing the game from April 2015, after my 12th-grade board examinations when I was gifted a new smartphone. Within six months, I was at town hall 8, doing well, when a friend (let’s call him S) informed me that he too had joined the game. Together, we formed a clan titled Warriors Union. Initially, we had only 4 members, but within two months’ time, we managed to rope in a total of 10, thereby becoming eligible for clan wars.

After a few losses, we managed to win seven wars in-a-row before copping another loss. It called for strategizing, and thus, we formed a WhatsApp group to discuss plans of attack whenever we fought a war. Things were interesting indeed, with wars being fought almost every other day, but on the other front, that is, the maintenance of the personal village, things became slowly repetitive and uninteresting. I was stuck in town hall 8 since it is pretty long. The upgrades became expensive, requiring better tactics to save resources from being looted. That failed, however, since I always got attacked for a minimum of 400,000 gold and elixir, an amount that took a lot of time to recover.

Several updates came along the way to make the game more compelling, such as the introduction of new troops, upgrade levels and a whole new town hall level altogether (town hall 11). While the upgrades did well to make wars more competitive, there was little to no change in value on the single player front, in my opinion.

Soon, addiction took over for a while. Whenever I sat idle, I’d open the game for a minute or two to collect my resources and train my troops. Eventually, the two minutes turned to twenty and included a few raids, filling up troop donation requests and cracking a joke or two at my co-players. It slowly started taking over my free time, time that I wanted to utilise in other activities such as playing outdoors, taking a walk, writing things or spending half an hour on the gaming console. I knew most of my co-players in real life, so the game became a topic of discussion whenever there was a gathering or a sleepover.

Around September 2016, the frequency of the wars toned down, with us becoming busy with our personal lives. Since there were no wars, I’d spend my time training several armies of cheap troops and raid bases, since I had upgraded to town hall 9, which meant I needed much more time and resources to make it work. Things were still okay until several members of the clan had a personal fallout with S, who then stopped playing the game.

In spite of the game becoming boring, it got in the way of me studying. Every now and then, I’d open the game while studying to check in on my village, in spite of knowing clearly that I was feigning interest. It got to such a point where I began having a conflict in my mind, a month-long conflict after which I decided to stop playing the game once and for all.

Thus, during the third week of December 2016, I uninstalled the game, feeling scared and uncomfortable that I’d lose a major hobby. But nevertheless, quitting clash of clans has been one of the best decisions I’ve taken in 2016. If you’re gullible to video game addiction, games such as this that require constructive strategising and good use of time are not for you. I’m glad I realised it soon enough to make more time to do what I like the most- writing.