YouTube is a great platform for people to share videos. According to their website, over a billion people use YouTube to watch content. Therefore, we can infer that the site’s community is very, very large. Started by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim in the year 2005, the site was eventually bought by Google in 2006.

YouTube boasts of a large amount of content, ranging from entertainment and education to vlogs and tutorials. People have found ways to turn making videos into a full time or even a part time career and have earned lucrative incomes from the same over a period of time. PewDiePie is currently the most subscribed to channel, with a little over 54 million subscribers. The nature of his videos are mainly focused on entertainment and are very well made. He is known to have earned millions of dollars through his videos and sponsorships, and also known to donate to charity.

PewDiePie is not the only YouTuber to become famous through the platform and make money. There are many other personalities who produce videos to reach their audiences regularly, provide great content and make well-deserved money. It goes to show that anyone with dedication, video making skills and passion in their field of interest can become famous and respectable in the internet community.

PewDiePie’s channel page

YouTube, for me, is a website I visit at night, before going to bed, to relax. I don’t watch any random video but choose what I view from the channels I have subscribed to. I have subscribed to over 40 channels, but I watch from a selected few on a daily basis. Therefore, my favourite YouTube channels and personalities, according to rank, are:

1. Good Mythical Morning: Consisting of two engineers turned comedians, Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln “Link” Neal form the backbone of the channel. Of course, they have an entire team to back them up, but their childish energy and creativity, even though they are almost 40, makes their videos so interesting to watch. They had started the channel as a talk-show but as evolved into other fields over time, while retaining their roots.

They play several games, which include quizzes, taste tests, RANKED, among many others. They don’t shy away from doing things such as dancing in ridiculous clothing, wearing make-up, eating the grossest of things and even, taking baths in milk, chicken soup and even cereal. In spite of all these, they still choose a topic to simply talk about and enlighten viewers.

Rhett McLaughlin (left) and Link Neal (right) in the video: Does Dancing Increase Your Pain Tolerance?

Why they are my favourite is because they duo is genuinely funny and don’t resort to cheap gimmicks (foul pranks and fake comedies) to entertain their almost 12 million subscribers. The videos they make are top-notch in quality. They don’t use words that we consider foul, which makes the videos viewable to young children as well. Will It? is my favourite series of this channel. Here, they take common items, most commonly food, and tweak its constituents to see if they will.

PS: They are talented musicians too.

Channel: Good Mythical Morning

Favourite video: Will It Hot Pocket? – Taste Test


2. Thoughty2: Thoughty2 is the teacher we all wish we had. The British YouTuber does a fantastic job of explaining the answers to several questions, such as What Happens When We Die and also makes videos dictating facts such as 6 Amazing Animals That Advanced Science and his RIF series, where he educates us with random facts.

British YouTuber Thoughty2 in the video 4 Computer Geniuses That Did Shocking Things

His strong British accent, along with the knowledge he expresses when talking about things and his quirky sense of humour makes his educational videos a treat to watch.

Although Thoughty2 doesn’t have a team to back him up, his videos are great to watch. Most of the videos are of himself, either clad in a suit or a fancy shirt, answering questions, and in between, there are pictures of important things contained in his answers. Unlike other YouTube channels, Thoughty2 really does his research before making a video and brings forward only the best. His massive following of 2 million subscribers accentuates for the fact.

Channel: Thoughty2

Favourite video: How 4 Grandpas Robbed £14 Million Worth of Diamonds


3. Ozzy Man Reviews: I started watching this channel only last month and within that time, it has easily become one of my favourites.Ozzy Man Reviews commentates over several videos, putting words into their mouths in a rather funny manner.

Ozzy Man Reviews in the video Ozzy Man Reviews: Batman V Superman [SPOILERS]
Ozzy Man Reviews takes any random video and adds his own commentary. The range of his videos is fairly wide, as he commentates on several things. Most commonly, he commentates on wildlife videos, making them funny by adding his own dialogues. Other commentaries include drunk fights, UFC, TV show and movie reviews, among several others.

His use of profane humour and Australian slangs, even at the most unlikely of times, makes his videos so funny to watch. His creativity speaks for itself as the dialogues he puts forward are unnatural, yet relatable to the sense of the video he is commentating on. His 1.1 million subscribers is a strong testament to that fact.

Channel: Ozzy Man Reviews

Favourite video: Ozzy Man Reviews: Cricket Nut Shots


4. DashieGames/DashieXP: Charlie Guzman or Dashie runs the two channels. On the DashieXP channel, he posts comedic sketches while on the DashieGames channel, he posts videos of himself commentating on video games.

There are several channels that post comedic commentary to video games, but none stand out as much as Dashie does. His style of comedy is vastly different with his usage of adult humour, weird dances, raps and puns. Moreover, his rageful reactions to his own failures and funnier reactions to jump scares in horror movies are also a joy to watch.

Dashie in the video GHETTO CHEF 5!: SUSHI AND RAMEN in the DashieXP channel.

He also has another channel by the name of DashieXP2 where he posts bloopers of his comedic skits as well as unboxing and reading mail videos. With a community of 3.4 million subscribers on his gaming channel and 2.1 million on his XP channel, his efforts have made him a fairly popular YouTuber among the younger public.

Channel: DashieGames/DashieXP

Favourite video: The Super Mario Maker series


5. Rob Dyke: Rob Dyke is an amazing YouTube personality who makes both comedy and horror videos. While his comedic videos focus on things that are wrong in the society and social media, this horror videos mainly include facts about serial killers, ghosts and anything that terrifies the average human being.

Rob Dyke in the video Why Would You Put That on the Internet? #115

What makes Rob Dyke unique is his ability to strike the perfect balance between horror and comedy. He can make his audiences laugh out loud with his reactions to the stupidity he shows in his Why Would You Put That On The Internet series, he can bring out an equal amount of fear through his videos of the Seriously Strange series. His style of narration is so that it can bring out the exact emotions he wants you to. He has a large following on YouTube with 2.5 million subscribers and has a team that helps him produce television-style content.

Channel: Rob Dyke

Favourite video: Why Would You Put That On The Internet? #67