I have been blogging for quite some time now. I began writing at the very beginning of 2015 (on Google’s Blogger) when I was just a few months away from finishing 12th grade and thus, life in school. I had to give it up for a brief period of time because of the approaching board exams and college admissions. However, even after that, I could not blog because I took the time to acquaint myself with the college curriculum and environment, and spent my time studying and playing cricket, football and badminton with my friends.

After finishing a year in college, I was determined to do something for myself and if possible, make a living by writing blogs and authoring fiction (another one of my favourite hobbies). I spent countless hours reading articles, on how to make money off writing blogs on the internet but as it turned out, it was possible, only, it is not very easy. One has to do several things in order to be a professional blogger, and the first step is building an audience.

The articles I’d read last year before taking up blogging seriously said that one has to write incessantly so that the site remains updated and within the first page of search engines. This helps users to find your blog easily. The same thing had been explained by our E-Commerce professor in college a few weeks ago. That particular lecture struck a chord with me since it was one thing I could use practically in my life. I’d never found practical application of the things I’d studied in school and 1.5 years in college.

In my opinion, ad revenue hurts both user experience and provider’s income. Displaying ads can be annoying to users, who want to click on something but end up clicking on an ad accidentally. Moreover, it is also an unreliable source of income for the provider since there is no guarantee about how many users are going to click on the ad.  Also, several people use the AdBlock extension to prevent annoying ads from being displayed and it’s completely legal to do so (AdBlock users increased from 21 million in January 2010 to 181 million in January 2015). All-in-all, I consider ad revenue to be a very unreliable source.

A few months ago, I came across a platform named Patreon. It is a website that allows creators to have their work funded by several patrons in exchange for services. Like old times, I began reading up on how Patreon works and how money is earned, and as it turns out, it can be used to earn a full-time income by rendering services and offering rewards to fellow patrons.

After a lot of thought and consideration, I spent around 4 hours to come up with my very own Patreon page. The page is wholly related to blogs and writing. With the goals I’ve set for myself on that page, I’ll be able to gather funds required to set up a proper hosting and work better and harder in the future towards this particular goal.

My approach has been rather different because I wanted to take a risk by taking an alternate approach to this. Click on this link to find out more. Do let me know if you take an interest in my content.