I had previously written about my favourite YouTube channels, a list of 5 channels that are my absolute favourite. But, as it turns out, I’m subscribed to over 60 channels on YouTube. Many of those being popular ones means that I have more favourites than just 5 favourite channels. The YouTube community is filled with creators that produce good content, and it is rather impossible for a person’s favourite list to be just narrowed down to less than 10 channels.

Therefore, the following are 5 more of my favourite YouTube channels, unranked (and I highly recommend subscribing to them and watching their content):

1. h3h3productions / Ethan and Hila (3.6 million subscribers)The channels are run by the husband and wife duo Ethan and Hila Klein. Their basic content involves reacting to other videos and weird trends across the internet. That is just their primary channel h3h3productions. On the other channel, that is Ethan and Hila, they make videos of themselves taking up several challenges, vlogs and several reactions as well.

Hila Klein and Ethan Klein in the video The God of Cringe

Why I love this channel is because the creators are true to themselves and their views and are not influenced by what others think. They are honest about what they feel and don’t shy away from laying constructive criticism on other popular YouTubers such as Joey Salads, PrankInvasion and SoFloAntonio.

One more reason why this channel is one of my favourites is because they help people find their voice against injustice. For example, when Rudy Pantoja (watch: Crazy Feminist Gets Triggered Ft. Hugh Mungus) was falsely accused of sexually harassing a lady because of a simple joke, Ethan Klein spoke up a for him, bringing worldwide support in the form of messages and monetary donations for his cancer, the treatment for which he did not have the money.

They are currently fighting a lawsuit against another YouTuber by the name of MattHossZone, who filed a suit against h3h3 for an apparent copyright infringement. Watch their video We’re Being Sued to know more.

Favourite video: Vape Nation


2. VanossGaming (20.2 million subscribers): VanossGaming is a gaming channel run by Canadian YouTuber Evan Fong. Like most gaming YouTubers, he plays video games and uploads the gameplays on YouTube. However, he plays the games and commentates over them with his online friends, namely H20 Delirious, Lui Calibre, Daithi De Nogla among many others and is not a solo player.

VanossGaming in his traditional owl attire, along with co-players H20 Delirious and Terroriser in the video GTA 5 Online Funny Moments – Flying Cars, Ramp Cars and Rocket Cars!

With a perfect sense of humour and good application of the mind when it comes to playing intense video games, VanossGaming is apart from many others. In games like GTA 5 and GMod, he is able to outrun and defeat his opponents most of the times, without anyone hardly ever throwing a challenge his way.

His content is funny and at the same time, intense to watch which most of the times leaves the viewers on the edge as to what might happen. That, coupled with great editing skills, makes his videos a great watch for video game players and entertainment seekers. If one is looking for a quick dose of video game entertainment during meal times or something to binge watch on YouTube, this channel is a great recommendation.

Favourite video: GTA 5 Online Funny Moments – Taser Dance, Chop Hump, Cargo Planes! (GTA 5 Fun Jobs)


3. MatthewSantoro (5.8 million subscribers)Matthew Santoro is a Canadian YouTuber who releases videos based on facts. His videos are of two types- 10 facts on any random topic and 50 random facts.


MatthewSantoro in the video 10 Foods that Can Kill You Instantly


In a general sense, YouTube is a place where most people seek entertainment and not education. What makes Matthew different is that his style of delivery is very interesting to watch and listen to. With a good mix of professionalism, body language, confidence and humour, his videos are compelling to watch.

Anyone looking to educate themselves on anything should definitely seek Matthew Santoro’s channel out as a resource for projects or simply something to watch during free time.

Favourite video: The 10 FREAKIEST CREEPYPASTAS Ever Told


4. baracksdubs (1.8 million subscribers)Making non-singers sing is a difficult task. Putting words in people’s mouth is difficult, especially when it comes to making the President of the United States sing popular songs.

That is what the said channel exactly does. Fadi Saleh, the owner of this channel, uses various clips from Barack Obama’s speeches, finding a word or two from each in order to make it look like Obama singing a particular song. Doing this is not at all easy, as it requires careful attention, editing, and not to forget, a lot of time.


Baracksdubs’ video Barack Obama Singing Sorry by Justin Bieber


Dragging the length of each and every word to match the beats of a song is hard enough, let alone finding the right words to the song from just speeches and interviews. Not over at that, sometimes, certain words have to be manipulated for pronunciation. All in all, it is a very difficult task and the creator excels at it. This channel definitely deserves more subscribers than it currently has.

Favourite video: Barack Obama Singing Hotline Bling by Drake


5. How It Should Have Ended (6.9 million subscribers)This is one of the best movie-parody channels out in YouTube. Their main content includes spoofing movies by making 6 minute (on average) animated videos, taking memorable scenes from newly released movies and making fun of them or, as the name of the channel suggests, proposing better endings to movies.


HISHE’s video How Deadpool Should Have Ended


Why I like this channel so much is because of their very humorous content and the use of certain catchlines and phrases from specific characters, such as Batman. Animation is a herculean task altogether, as well as coming up with funny and well-timed dialogues and scenes.

Their Superhero Cafe and Villain Pub have become a major feature of the channel, with almost any ardent fan recognising the two names with the creator. If anyone is looking for quick entertainment or a brief fun-filled movie review, HISHE is the channel to go to.

Favourite video: How Captain America: Civil War Should Have Ended


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