We often make choices in our lives that we aren’t proud of while moving forward in life. Be it cutting off contact with someone or doing something that seemed necessary, it is not a secret that all people who are grown enough have regrets about certain things from the past. As defined by Oxford Dictionaries, regret is feeling sad, repentant, or disappointed over (something that one has done or failed to do).

While we’re young, we tend to do things that seem appropriate at the moment, to make ourselves feel better or to get out of trouble. It is when we grow up a little that we begin to realise that those actions were wrong in many ways. For example, is one guy who used to focus most of his time and energy towards the girl he loved, so much so that he cut off contact with his friends. However, due to his lack of career related goals in life, she left him and refused to speak to him further. S, who used up all his time in the past for just one thing may later realise that he should have focused on other avenues in life as well. His decision to stick with someone and not focus on his OWN life may haunt him for the years to come.

I’m not going to lie; I have certain regrets in life as well, or rather, had. New things happen each and every day and therefore, no one can be called a seasoned person when it comes to living life. The Prohibition must have been a regretful decision, as it gradually increased alcohol consumption as well as gave rise to the infamous Al CaponeThe acceptance of the Trojan Horse was a huge mistake too, considering it led to Troy’s defeat. All these were very regretful decisions that cost the people concerned a great deal of loss and pain.

I, for myself, used to regret playing Clash of Clans over a period of 21 months. I’m not criticising the game in general, but the addictivity of it. I’m glad I realised soon enough before it could drag me down to hell. That was 2016, and this year, I have set some goals of my own and am focussing on them very strictly.

The whole point is that things happen and it is through mistakes that we learn things. If we ever had a childhood where everything was a smooth sail and nothing bad really happened, we wouldn’t learn to deal with the everyday difficulties that come later in life. We make mistakes and we’re reprimanded for the same. In the same process, we’re also taught how to get past the same or similar problems without making the same mistake again. It’s all a part of life, and I believe, as young people, we should be allowed to make mistakes to get the full experience and knowledge of life. As it is described by people, “Life is like a heart monitor. If there aren’t any ups and downs, it means you haven’t lived.”

Someone once told me “Don’t hold any regrets because, at the time you did those things, they seemed right to you. Now you are old enough to understand you were wrong. Others will never forgive you unless you forgive yourself.” I’m not the type of person who easily relates to things or understands what they really mean deep down, but for probably the first time in my life, I could somehow understand what those words truly meant. We make lots of mistakes but won’t be free of the guilt of we hold on to it, unable to forgive ourselves. It indeed takes a great deal of courage to admit to a mistake and forgive ourselves, but it truly does wonders in the future. Forgiving ourselves first is what allows us to go forward in life to do greater things and achieve what we truly desire.

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