Life in school is often regarded as the best any person can have. School life is carefree and filled with joy, fun and activity. It is that period in our lives where we meet friends who stay with us for an indefinite amount of time, being there through thick and thin and to witness everything, like forming a rebellion when one gets good marks or being the best man/maid of honour when one gets a romantic partner.

As a college student just a few months away from starting the third and final year of B. Com, my friends and I often reminisce about the good times we spent all those years ago when we were just little kids just stepping into teenage. Having said that, my best year in school was 7th grade, 8 years ago in 2009.

I was a new student in a school that was just a year old. Not yet 12 years old, I was surrounded by people who were mostly 12 or even 13 years old, and much taller. I vividly remember witnessing a cat-fight between two boys, who were supposedly old friends from childhood, as well as being taught a few slang by the cooler guys and drinking an awful watermelon juice post school hours. It took some time, but I eventually found comfort and made a few friends (some of them are friends even to this day) in the only batch of 7th grade, a class of fewer than 30 students. It helped that 80% of the students in the class had joined that year.

With time, the whole class became more and more comfortable with the teachers. The idea of making fun of certain handpicked teachers isn’t alien, and we were no different. Like any other class, ours too had a few select students who were regular perpetrators of such crimes. I remember our physics/maths teacher punishing a boy by asking him to go through 500 sit-ups in front of the whole class. Another boy was in charge of counting, and, like a smooth criminal (yes, he’s a Michael Jackson fan), he started his count from 0.5. You can imagine what followed. The whole class burst into laughter, but the teacher wasn’t amused. Although the smooth criminal wasn’t punished, he was asked to not repeat the same.

I was a day boarding student, which meant that I had to stay back at school for 2 hours after the normal timings. Needless to say, I had some of the best moments of grade 7 during those times. We used to have 1 hour of remedial classes, where we were guided by teachers on topics that we found difficult or simply completed our homework (we were served drinks during the period, such as ice cream floats, lassi and the awful watermelon juice). Following that, we had a 45 minute period where we played sports or plainly ran around the field like little kids do. Finally, we had a 15 minute period where we were served snacks, ranging from bread to pani puri.

What made day boarding fun was the way we mocked each other, as well as the teachers (when they weren’t looking). Sometimes, the teachers scolded students in a manner that made it hilarious for the others to watch. There were times when the older kids (7th and 8th grade) made fun of the younger ones. A particular incident where a friend flushed a 4th-grade boy’s Ponds Talcum Powder down the toilet became not only a laughing matter but something we still joke about to this very day. Granted, it wasn’t a wise thing to do, but we were making good memories. Such memories help in writing good and entertaining stories in the future.

This is to not say that normal school wasn’t fun; it was fun indeed. Students never ceased making fun of certain teachers, cracking jokes in between classes and making themselves liable to get punished. What made everyone LOL even then was the fact that students even made jokes about being punished, by continuously peeping into the class or coyly opening the door and asking the age old question, “Ma’am, may I come in?”.

There were several moments when the entire class fell in trouble, for taking things too far. Although we had class monitors and the teachers usually blamed them when things were huge, what mattered a lot was the fact that the entire class came together and took the blame when matters went south. Unity among the students of a class is very important, and I believe we had one of the strongest student-student bond back in the day.

What made 7th grade more special was the fact that I had won my very first medals in sports (3 silver medals) in January 2010. Not being the particularly really athletic type (I was of average height and lanky), it was a surprise to me as much as it was for anyone else. But nevertheless, that is one of the most memorable moments I’ll always take from my school life.


Left side– 3 silver medals (100m sprint, 200m sprint and 4 x 100m relay) won in 7th grade. Right side- 2 silver medals (100m sprint and 4 x 100m relay) and a bronze medal (400m sprint) won in 10th grade.


I’m glad and lucky to say that I had a great life in school, especially from grade 7 to 10 but the academic year 2009-10 will always special to me when it comes to the best year in school because I had learnt a lot that year and at the same time, had the most amount of fun in any given year.


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