Facebook is probably the best social media website on the internet. With over 1 billion users, it is definitely the pick of many due to its ease of use, popularity and wide reach. There have been stories narrated about long-lost family, couples and friends meeting on Facebook. The social media site is also used by several teens to chat, and celebrities and companies to market their products. While these are the positives about Facebook, the website certainly has its negatives.

An internet meme.

As someone who falls in the teenage category, my basic viewing items include status updates made by my friends and memes (an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations) shared by the pages I follow. In 2017, Facebook is not only the best place to find the latest memes, but also to meet new people and engage with others.

There are several things happening on Facebook that annoy not only me but many other people as well. So, without further ado, let’s jump into it-

1. Click bait links: Posting links is not uncommon these days, especially when one needs to show an article to several people at once. In fact, I’m going to post the link to this entry soon to my personal Facebook profile. A plethora of online portals like news, sports and business portals also use Facebook to reach their followers.

Users clicking on the links help such portals generate revenue. But what becomes annoying is the fact the administrators are ready to do anything to get users to click, and that includes using headlines that don’t describe the content entirely. In a way, it defeats the purpose of headlines, but this cunning yet annoying method surely fulfils the purpose.


An example of a click bait news article.

In the link shared by CricTracker, the name of who Joe Root mentioned as one of the current best batsmen could have easily been written in the headline to make it an easier experience for the readers. But no, they need to use the click bait method so as to get users to visit their site. I get the point but reading headlines like ‘Joe Root calls this batsman as one of the current best’ is simply annoying at first sight.

Although people have come up with a way to combat this (an early bird reads the article and mentions the important portions of the article in the comments section), the fact that there seems to be no change to this practice is very irritating, to say the least.

2. Pseudo-feminists: Feminism is a great thing to happen to the world and it being the 21st century, it’s still a surprise to learn that gender equality doesn’t exist in all fields yet. But, what sometimes makes people angry is the presence of pseudo-feminists who claim to be feminists but are something else that beats the meaning of the word. I have never been a victim of such extremism but it makes me sad when these people pick on wrong issues and trigger an unnecessary war of words.

3. Creeps: The chat feature of Facebook is undoubtedly one of the best the website has to offer. Unfortunately, it gives way to certain people to exploit it and annoy others, especially girls. I have seen several female friends of mine being irritated by creepy male people sending them lewd messages and pictures, or even asking for a relationship or even a marriage.

Now, no two girls are the same. Some can manage to rubbish it off by making fun of such people on their face. But it’s not easy for others. They take a while to recover from the trauma and it’s definitely not a good thing to experience. It’s sad that the most these victimised girls can do is block them only. The world would have been a better place if they could easily report the matter to the police and send the lowlives to prison or to school.

4. Judgemental People: It’s not everywhere that we get to voice our opinions freely. At certain homes, places or even countries, voices are curbed and freedom of speech is not offered. Facebook provides the platform for many and in a country like India, it is often easy to put forward different opinions and have debates, unless it’s a dispute of religion or something against the ruling government

However, quite often, the online debates that we want to be healthy are not so. People disagreeing with something that is against the common belief are called dirty things to demoralise them. Such online bullies do it like it’s not a big deal and think that what they’re doing is right because they’re simply showing the person their place. If only they could be shown that debates don’t work that way and judging people for holding different views isn’t the right thing to do.

Nothing is perfect, not even the largest social media company. Therefore, I guess, we have to live with its imperfections by ignoring them completely and use it according to the various advantages it provides.


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